February is Black Women in Horror Month!

February is Black Women in Horror Month!

February may be the shortest month of the year, but the LOUDEST month when it comes to celebrations, recognitions and tributes. In 2013, February became the official Black Women in Horror Month, and each year we happily rev up at this time to celebrate the bold voices and lasting impact of black women in the horror industry. 

This year, as we mark the 10th anniversary of the first Black Women in Horror list series, and 5 years after the last major update to the series, Kenya Moss-Dyme of Colors in Darkness, and Sumiko Saulson, who put together 100+ Black Women in Horror, are revitalizing the series with the launch of the BlackWomenInHorror.org website. We will start off by debuting a new series of interviews, but over time, we will honor not only trailblazers like Octavia Butler, Tananarive Due and L. A. Banks, we also recognize the women creating art and showing up every subgenre of the field. From books to film; from paranormal, sci-fi, dark romance to bad ass monsters, BWiHM will kickoff a celebration that’s far too big for one month – we’ll be following these creatives all year long!

We’ve only got 28 days so let’s make the most of it! Join us as we introduce you to the women who show up in every space of the horror universe – some you may know, but many who will become your newest darlings. 

Is there a Black Woman in Horror that we should know about? Someone who was not on the original list and should be added as we improve and increase it? Old bios that should be updated? You can be a part of improving, updating, and increasing the list! Contact Sumiko Saulson at sumikoska@yahoo.com if you have any suggestions for writers who should be on the list, including yourself!

Watch this space for more information, news and links to BWiHM celebrations across all media. 

Follow blackwomeninhorror.org to stay in the know.

Like and Share, and Tag us in your own posts about Black Women in Horror all throughout the month of February and use the #BWiHM and #BlackWomenInHorror hashtags! 

Sumiko Saulson: @sumikoska on FB, Twitter and Tik-Tok and @sumikosaulson on IG

Kenya Moss-Dyme: FB: @kenya.mossdyme, Tik-Tok & IG: @kenyamossdyme 


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