Congratulations to the BWiHM List Stoker Nominees!

Congratulations to the six 2022 Stoker Nominees on the Black Women in Horror Month List, Erin E. Adams, Tiffany D. Jackson, Paula D. Ashe, RJ Joseph, Sumiko Saulson, and L. Marie Woods (who made the ballot not once but twice!) Erin E. Adams made it to the Stoker Final Ballot in the Superior Achievement in... Continue Reading →


Zin Rocklyn The first time we fucked was at the back of the red barn on the Meyer’s property. His cock had a mean 30-degree angle and no amount of warming up could get a woman ready for such brutality against the splintery wall. When we finished, he kissed me tender, thinking the blood was... Continue Reading →

“Affordable Housing” by Dusky Projects

Telling Scary Stories is Good for You! It's also a lot of hard work and there's dozens of creatives behind the curtain making it happen! Here's a fantastic opportunity to support Black Women in Horror! Dusky Projects is accepting donations for their upcoming comedy/horror short "Affordable Housing". Contributions will go towards food & transportation for the... Continue Reading →


by Nicole Givens Kurtz “Late bloomers have the prettiest blooms,” Sadie’s momma said, after she tapped her on the head with the comb. “So, stop squirmin’.” “It’s too tight.” Sadie winced, sucking in air to offset the pain. Her scalp burned like someone had set fire to it. She put her hands in her lap... Continue Reading →


The phrase, "You can't keep a good woman down" takes on new meaning in this short and not so sweet tale about a dinner time standoff between secret lovers.

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