150 Black Women in Horror Part 5 (G – Hill)

February is African American History Month here in the United States. In 2013, when this series began, it was also Women in Horror Month (WiHM) which is now celebrated by many in March during Women’s History Month. In 2013, as an Ambassador for Women in Horror Month, Sumiko Saulson put together the original book 60 Black Women in Horror at the the intersection of the two. Over the next five years, the world of women writing horror from the African Diaspora nearly doubled. and 100+ Black Women in Horror, a 2018 update, containing 109 biographies, was born. Now, in 2023, five years after 100+ Black Women in Horror, with the assistance of Kenya Moss-Dyme the list is once again being updated, to include over 40 new names compiled in a new book, 150 Black Women in Horror.

Here is the combined list of 150, listed alphabetically, in batches of 10. Here are the fifth 10 of them.

Dormaine G

She is the author of several horror, paranormal fantasy and paranormal mystery, and young adult titles. She was a 2015 Kindle Book Awards finalist for The Time of Sanura, the third book in her Madame Lilly horror series about a vengeance-driven Creole voodoo priestess born in the 1800s who uses dark magic to become immortal. Other titles include the paranormal murder mystery Anguta’s Reign, and the paranormal fantasy Blood Thirst; An Eternal Romance.


Robin Green

The author of the psychological horror series Terror Text, two novellas about a serial killer who uses cellphone text messages to harass his teenage victims before forcing them to watch one another’s suffering, and The Day after Yesterday, a sci-fi thriller about three boys who find marbles that grant them visions and may have greater powers still.

Tyhitia Green

Tyhitia Green writes horror, fantasy, and science fiction. She sometimes dabbles in other genres as well. She began writing poetry as a child and ventured into fiction years later. Her horror flash story, Margie, appeared in the July 2009 issue of Necrotic Tissue magazine, and her non-fiction has appeared in Lightspeeid magazine and on Black Girl Nerds.com.


Dicey Grenor

Dicey Grenor is the author of the Narcoleptic Vampire Series novellas, which contain darkly twisted, sexy stories of vampires, werewolves, and supernatural fetish clubs. Don’t let the erotic content fool you: Dicey isn’t hold backing when it comes to the gore, violence, and disturbing content horror fans tend to expect, and love stories may be present but aren’t the core of her stories.


Jewelle Gomez

Activist Jewelle Gomez won the Lambda Award for her stories about a black lesbian vampire named Gilda, The Gilda Stories. Gilda makes a reappearance in the traditional and fantasy short story collection Don’t Explain.  Well known as a writer of lesbian erotica and poetry, she contributed the story “Chicago 1927″ to the anthology of African Diaspora speculative fiction Dark Matter


Jessica Guess

Jessica Guess is a writer and English teacher who hails from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She earned her Creative Writing MFA from Minnesota State University, Mankato in 2018 and is the founder of the website Black Girl’s Guide to Horror where she examines horror movies in terms of quality and intersectionality. Her creative work has been featured in Luna Station Quarterly and Mused BellaOnline Literary Review. She loves anything horror but especially slashers and werewolves with maybe a bit of romance thrown in. Jessica will read or watch nearly anything with a black female protagonist. Her horror novella Cirque Berserk is available now.

Virginia Hamilton 

 She received the Edgar Alan Poe Award for The House of Dies Drear, a ghost story that took place in a house that was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Her paranormal romance Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush about a fourteen year old girl who embarks on a journey of self-discovery after meeting a handsome ghost won the Coretta Scott King Award. She won every major award in children’s literature.


Veronica G. Henry

Veronica G. Henry is the author of Bacchanal, The Quarter Storm, The Foreign Exchange (Feb 2023) in the Mambo Reina series. Her work has debuted at #1 on multiple Amazon bestseller charts, was chosen as an editors’ pick for Best African American Fantasy, and shortlisted for the Manly Wade Wellman Award. She is a Viable Paradise alum and a member of SFWA and MWA. Her stories have appeared, or are forthcoming, in the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction and FIYAH Literary Magazine.


Donna Hill

Donna Hill is a pioneer of the African American romance genre, with more than fifty tiles to her name over the past thirty years – now, just let that sink in for a minute. At a rate of a novel and a half per year, she writes books faster than some of us can read them. Three of her books were made into movies. On top of that she’s found the time to write short stories for the horror anthologies Dark Thirst and Creepin.  donnahill.co

Kim. M. Munsamy

Kim. M. Munsamy is a horror and science fiction short story author. She completed her Masters in Counseling Psychology at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, South Africa. Her work has appeared in The Misbehaving Dead Anthology, The First Line Literary Journal, the F is for Fear Anthology, Mystery Tribune, Ripples in Space,  and the Last Girls Club.


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