150 Black Women in Horror Part 15 (Tomlison – Zoboi)

February is African American History Month here in the United States. In 2013, when this series began, it was also Women in Horror Month (WiHM) which is now celebrated by many in March during Women’s History Month. In 2013, as an Ambassador for Women in Horror Month, Sumiko Saulson put together the original book 60 Black Women in Horror at the the intersection of the two. Over the next five years, the world of women writing horror from the African Diaspora nearly doubled. and 100+ Black Women in Horror, a 2018 update, containing 109 biographies, was born. Now, in 2023, five years after 100+ Black Women in Horror, with the assistance of Kenya Moss-Dyme the list is once again being updated, to include over 40 new names compiled in a new book, 150 Black Women in Horror.

Here is the combined list of 150, listed alphabetically, in batches of 10. Here are the fifteenth 10 of them.

Ebele Mogo

Ebele Mogo is the author of Courage and Clarity and president of Engage Africa Foundation. She regularly blogs at Street-Side Convos and has been published in the Kalahari Review, The Human Touch: A Journal of Poetry Prose, and the Visual Arts by the University of Colorado Center for BioEthics and Humanities, Poetry Potion, Pennwood Review, and Sentinel Nigeria. She writes short horror stories, including “Omaliyi” (selection, Imagine 2200, Fix’s climate fiction contest) which can be heard the Black Women Are Scary Podcast (Dusky Projects), “Mother Sacrifice” which appeared in the Monyori Literary Journal.

Nadine Tomlinson

Nadine Tomlinson is an emerging Jamaican writer of Afro-Caribbean speculative fiction and poetry. Her short stories and poems have been featured on/published in Black Women Are Scary, Earth in Color, Lightspeed Magazine, Grist, and other places. She is keen on writing fiction and creative non-fiction pieces with themes that center and explore matrilineal relationships, Black women’s knowledge practices, African-based folklore and folk traditions in Jamaican culture, and how these intertwine with humanity’s symbiotic and spiritual connection to Nature. Her short story “The Metamorphosis of Marie Martin” appeared on the Black Women are Scary Podcast. It appeared in Orion Magazine, and won the 2022’s Imagine 2200: Climate Fiction for Future Ancestors climate-fiction contest from Fix, Grist’s solutions lab.

Deborah Elizabeth Whaley

She is the author of Women: Alpha Kappa Alpha, Black Counterpublics, and the Cultural Politics of Black Sororities about the cultural practices, cultural work, and politics of the oldest historically Black sorority, and Black Women in Sequence: Reinking Comics, Graphic Novels, and Anime, which explores the portrayal of women of African heritage comics and the films and television shows based on them. She wrote the horror poems “Red Scorpion” and “Whispers & Lies” for Sycorax’s Daughters, and is working on a compilation of creative essays, images, and poetry tentatively titled Bodyflow, and a monograp: Feeling Her Fragmented Mind: Women, Race, and Dissociative Identities in Popular Culture.


Kenesha Williams

She wrote “Sweet Justice” for Black Magic Women. Kenesha Williams is an independent author, speaker, and Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Black Girl Magic Lit Mag. Her books include Love, Lust, and Letters; Nadine & Agwe: A Passion Denied; Do For Love. She has short stories in the anthologies Something Wicked This Way Comes: Paranormal Boxed Set; and The Scribes of Nyota: Our Voices, Our Imagination, A Compendium, as well as in issues 1, 2, 3, and 5 of Black Girl Magic Lit Mag.


L. Marie Wood

L. Marie Wood is a two-time Bram Stoker Award® and Rhysling nominated author, screenwriter, essayist, and poet. She writes high-concept fiction that includes elements of psychological horror, mystery, dark fantasy, and romance. She won the Golden Stake Award for her novel The Promise Keeper. She is a recipient of the MICO Award and has won Best Horror, Best Short Screenplay, and Best Action, Best Afrofuturism/Horror/Sci-Fi awards in both national and international film festivals. Wood, a Brand New Weird nominated author, has penned short fiction that has been published in groundbreaking works, including the anthologies like Sycorax’s Daughters and Slay: Stories of the Vampire Noire. She is also part of the 2022 Bookfest Book Award winning poetry anthology, Under Her Skin. Her academic writing has been published by Nightmare Magazine and in the cross-curricular text, Conjuring Worlds: An Afrofuturist Textbook. She is the founder of the Speculative Fiction Academy, an English and Creative Writing professor, a horror scholar with a Ph.D. in Creative Writing and an MFA in Speculative Fiction, and a frequent contributor to the conversation around the evolution of genre fiction. Learn more about L. Marie Wood at www.lmariewood.com.

Nikki Woolfolk

Proud Blerd, Nikki Woolfolk sculpts decadent desserts and fantastical fiction with equal skill and flair. When they’re not playing a never-ending game of “what if” in a writing space that’s part DieselPunk, part Willy Wonka, they are drawing on their former STEM career and collection of quirky experiences to work up new recipes in the kitchen (tasting encouraged), designing a Goth-inspired garden (tasting decidedly DISCOURAGED), and mashing up real and fictional worlds on social media (virtual kitchen table is always open). Join their cogged-and-geared world at NikkiWoolfolk.com

K. Ceres Wright

K. Ceres Wright is a speculative fiction author and poet who writes sci-fi, dystopian fiction, horror, weird, and dark fiction. She wrote the short horror story “Of Sound Mind and Body” for Sycorax’s Daughters. She wrote the sci-fi novel Cog, about a futuristic world where personalities can be downloaded at will. “Doomed” was a nominee for the Rhysling Award, the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s highest honor. Her work has appeared in Hazard Yet Forward; Genesis: An Anthology of Black Science Fiction; Many Genres, One Craft; Far Worlds; Diner Stories; The Dark God’s Gift; FictionVale’s Pick Your Punk (February 2015), and The 2008 Rhysling Anthology. K. Ceres Wright graduated from Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction program in 2007. www.kcereswright.com


New York Times and Essence bestselling author Zane achieved what many independent publishing writers only dream of: she self-published The Sex Chronicles before landing a deal with Simon & Schuster. Primarily a writer of erotica, she contributed “Resident Evil,” a tale of vampirism, to the anthology Dark Dreams : A Collection of Horror and Suspense by Black Writerswww.eroticanoir.com

Deana Zhollis

Deana Zhollis is a science-fiction, dark fantasy, paranormal romance, and horror writer. She wrote the horror short “Perfect Connection” for Sycorax’s Daughters, however her primary genre is sci-fi romance. Her novels include the dark sci-fi romance The Made, which won 1st place in 2001 at the Houston Writers Convention. It became the first in The Calling series, which also includes Jetta and Creations. Her other titles include Irid; Ruby, Flesh, & Heart,; The 9th Symbol; and Tirna Magique. She won 3rd Place and published in PARSEC/Confluence 2002 Contest and Honorable Mention 5th Place in SFWoE (Science Fiction Writers of Earth) Short Story Contest 2002. dreamnotion.zhollis.com

Ibi Zoboi

Haitian-American Speculative Fiction writer Ibi Zoboi was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and her short stories have been anthologized in Dark Matter: Reading the Bones; Haiti Noir; and The Caribbean Writer among others. “The Fire in Your Sky” is a delightful example of the writer’s skill at mixing realism with mythological dark fantasy. She considers her writing to be magical realism. ibizoboi.blogspot.com


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